VOODOO SNAKE WOMAN BLUES was published in 2006 by Medici Publishing, Pueblo, CO. It may be ordered for $11.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling from Medici Publishing, PO Box 562, Pueblo, CO 81002. All artwork for the book is by Patrick Keller. The poetry themes are: blues poetry, jazz poetry, New Orleans poetry, outlaw poetry.

voodoo snake woman blues

ask yourself why and know why
it’s all in the snake woman’s
moves all you gotta do is
feel the blues all you gotta
do is take your time all you
gotta do is dance alone
make your own voodoo
slide in rhythm with the night
shadowdance in the darkness
the torch singing blackness
listen for the solo of the
train whistle’s whine
in the middle of the night
listen for the moans of
dogs mixing with the night’s
sirens and watch her dance
full of doghowls and red
lights the whiplash of her
snakedance flames licking
the dancefloor with her
hexdance wild heart jumping
pumping the darkness as
her dance chants with the
crickets and locusts and
bullfrogs torches the
sawdust with her ramshackle
rhythms in a finger-snap
she gives sight to the
mirrors which are blind
bright moments listen for
the incantations of her
spirit something falling
down coming down going
down the slap of the cards
the tumble of the dice
the center of her surrender
caught in the night’s slide