i alone am your double

i saw where you were born
where you were born in fire
i drum the night i drum the
dark i drum the streets dark
blood stood open to find
real touch i drum the old
motel rooms and howl the
backstairs there is a way
for you to tell me what you
want me to do that sound
you hear is my moan i give
you my tongue there is a
way to be born to be with you
fingertips darting flaming
living down my hands
open all you have torn from
an old wound i create you
in what i do i do not sleep
i do not sleep all you have
your profile as your turn
all through moan lingers
i drum the sea i drum the tide
all you have born into the wild
it is jamming blood i drum
body flood and breath all
you have the scar of fires
sun tongue and drum night
i walk on my knees all you
have the flint of your fingertips
i am the zebra the cobra i drum
inside outside the skin holds
the fever of the pulse i drum
searching a footstomp i drum
painting the darkness you come
back to touch unchained i jump
jungle the land i am my own
shadow the last frontier the
drum is the mouth of the fingers
i am your skin liquid i am
going down you stayed up all
night every pore alive all down
to it across the need around us
i drum the beat the spirits talk
to the ghosts who haunt us
speak feel rainy to my shake
and moan the hole card is
singing planet pounding
blazing orbit something
shaking the first card to sing
in the rain ignites the
masquerade to be born into
a new form a new shape
of the mirror cabaret of your
eyes blind down rider
voice of smoke wanting to
wear your skin feel your
blood moves i sing a song
of blood and torches to be
what you are the jungle fire
of a voodoo drum i visit your
dreams i look around for you
i invent a solo in the bones
a breath that dances fire
torn from the aching darkness
into the light could be because
you threw the dice that came up
snake eyes you are who you are
could be because you have
taken the dream from the pillow
death finds air in a kiss
could be because the house
drank the window of night
i alone am your double
could be because my voice
is a dark sleep a tongue
to speak in you shake the
hand of the flame ancient ache
of cobra moves you are the
deja vu of a mirage i am that
i am other than what i was
i want the snake charm of
your skin rhythm i sing alone
like a note in a forest i let it
fall go down learn to in joy
such out of me easily next
to you now cave bear late
night of me there are secrets
that move at their own speed
in the raw infinity of a moan
time turns inside space opens
drumfire over the edge
the breath returns in the rain
drinking all we have i am
your madness your dance
the last blues left standing
in the dark ring of desire