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Kell Robertson, Tony Moffeit, & Rick Terlep belly up to Silver Dollar Saloon, Raton, New Mexico — September 14, 1991 — photo by Mark Weber


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as if you would search out a poem among hundreds of poems. the one you would kill for. the one you would die for. the one that would make you forget your darkest memory. or take that dark memory and use its dark energy. the one that would make you see in your blindness. make […]

jimi hendrix at monterey

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fire in the eyes for the sacrifice fire in the eyes for the sacrifice his fingers summoned the spirits his fingers summoned the ghosts fire in the eyes for the sacrifice the guitar on the stage floor the ritualistic ceremony of lighting the guitar with lighter fluid till the flames lit the stage till the […]

a love supreme

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a love supreme it’s never too late never too late never too late to look at your own face it rained in the streets rained in the streets rained through our dreams a love supreme a love supreme it rained in new orleans jazz in the streets an ancient blues filtering through the air so […]


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SPIRITS calling the ghosts calling the ghost dance calling the ghost tongue speaking in tongues speaking in ghost tongues speaking in ghost language the rain tonight so ecstatic that it turns to snow the snow tonight so ecstatic that it turns to rain rain turning to snow, snow turning to rain even the windshield wipers […]

outlaw: the roots

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i. the blood of the poet outlaw begins with blood. the blood of the poet. the visceral. the guts. the blood and the guts. that secret part of the brain. where the blood meets the guts in the electricity of the brain waves. and there is lightning in the veins. and the brain drives the […]

you ain’t nothing but the blues

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you ain’t nothin but the blues i want to blow sweet and cool these horn words i want to blow on rainy street corner nights a long sweet solo i want to howl my blues mojo and juju rage against the sky i want to turn the night insane call out to you on the […]

i alone am your double

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i alone am your double i saw where you were born where you were born in fire i drum the night i drum the dark i drum the streets dark blood stood open to find real touch i drum the old motel rooms and howl the backstairs there is a way for you to tell […]

voodoo snake

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VOODOO SNAKE WOMAN BLUES was published in 2006 by Medici Publishing, Pueblo, CO. It may be ordered for $11.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling from Medici Publishing, PO Box 562, Pueblo, CO 81002. All artwork for the book is by Patrick Keller. The poetry themes are: blues poetry, jazz poetry, New Orleans poetry, outlaw poetry. […]

billy the kid and frida kahlo

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BILLY THE KID & FRIDA KAHLO was published in 2000 by Ye Olde Font Shoppe, New Haven, CT, and may be ordered online from Ye Olde Font Shoppe. Much of the book is an imaginary dialogue between Billy the Kid and the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. billy where did you get your power they asked […]

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