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voodoo snake

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VOODOO SNAKE WOMAN BLUES was published in 2006 by Medici Publishing, Pueblo, CO. It may be ordered for $11.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling from Medici Publishing, PO Box 562, Pueblo, CO 81002. All artwork for the book is by Patrick Keller. The poetry themes are: blues poetry, jazz poetry, New Orleans poetry, outlaw poetry. […]

billy the kid and frida kahlo

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BILLY THE KID & FRIDA KAHLO was published in 2000 by Ye Olde Font Shoppe, New Haven, CT, and may be ordered online from Ye Olde Font Shoppe. Much of the book is an imaginary dialogue between Billy the Kid and the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. billy where did you get your power they asked […]

blues for billy the kid

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Billy The Kid In The Theater Of Blood | Todd Moore I am staring at the cover of a pure Outlaw classic, just published by the Outlaw Press in Pueblo, Colorado. It’s perfect bound, with signature black depths and striking yellows and reds all across it. The surreal figure wearing the big cowboy hat and […]

outlaw blues

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TONY MOFFEIT | AMERICAN BLUES OUTLAW POETRY ANARCHIC DREAM by Todd Moore Tony Moffeit and I founded the Outlaw Poetry Movement in America in 2004, partly as a reaction to the kind of tame poetry generated by writing programs, academia, and the prize system which is good old boy, incestuous, and corrupt. However, Tony and […]

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