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Tony Moffeit is the blues poet and blues singer from Pueblo, Colorado, who was the winner of the prestigious Jack Kerouac Award from Cherry Valley Editions for his volume of poetry, PUEBLO BLUES, now rare and out-of-print. He is also the author of two other volumes from Cherry Valley Editions: LUMINOUS ANIMAL (New Orleans poems) and NEON PEPPERS (Hank Williams poems).

His 1995 volume, POETRY IS DANGEROUS, THE POET IS AN OUTLAW, from Floating Island Publications, introduced outlaw essays and some early roots of the philosophy of Outlaw Poetry. Moffeit and poet Todd Moore founded the Outlaw Poetry Movement from 2004 to the present through poems, essays, reviews, performances, and manifestos.

Moffeit is the author of twenty additional poetry volumes, including TONY MOFFEIT: GREATEST HITS from Pudding House Publications (2004). He has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship in poetry and was the recipient of the Thomas Hornsby Ferril Poetry Prize. Moffeit performs his original blues songs and poems with guitarist Rick Terlep, often accompanying himself on conga drum. Rick Terlep is a guitarist from Pueblo, Colorado, who has a blues band called Little Ricky and the Roosters. Moffeit and Terlep have a CD due out in January, 2008, titled “Outlaw Blues Revolution” from DigiVintage Records.

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Outlaw Blues Revolution
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Outlaw Blues

Outlaw Blues

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