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Tony Moffeit is the blues poet and blues singer from Pueblo, Colorado, who was the winner of the prestigious Jack Kerouac Award from Cherry Valley Editions for his volume of poetry, PUEBLO BLUES, now rare and out-of-print. He is also the author of two other volumes from Cherry Valley Editions: LUMINOUS ANIMAL (New Orleans poems) and NEON PEPPERS (Hank Williams poems).

His 1995 volume, POETRY IS DANGEROUS, THE POET IS AN OUTLAW, from Floating Island Publications, introduced outlaw essays and some early roots of the philosophy of Outlaw Poetry. Moffeit and poet Todd Moore founded the Outlaw Poetry Movement from 2004 to the present through poems, essays, reviews, performances, and manifestos.

Moffeit is the author of twenty additional poetry volumes, including TONY MOFFEIT: GREATEST HITS from Pudding House Publications (2004). He has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship in poetry and was the recipient of the Thomas Hornsby Ferril Poetry Prize. Moffeit performs his original blues songs and poems with guitarist Rick Terlep, often accompanying himself on conga drum. Rick Terlep is a guitarist from Pueblo, Colorado, who has a blues band called Little Ricky and the Roosters. Moffeit and Terlep have a CD due out in January, 2008, titled “Outlaw Blues Revolution” from DigiVintage Records.

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Poetry Is Dangerous:

The Poet Is An Outlaw

This first edition of Poetry is Dangerous, The Poet is an Outlaw was published in January, 1995 by Floating Island Publications in an edition of 1000 copies, numbered and signed by the author. Printed and bound by McNaughton and Gunn, Inc. Typeset, designed and produced by Michael Sykes at Archetype West in Point Reyes Station, California. The typeface for the text is Baskerville. All artwork is by Bill Gersh. Todd Moore

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Tony Moffeit and I founded the Outlaw Poetry Movement in America in 2004, partly as a reaction to the kind of tame poetry generated by writing programs, academia, and the prize system which is good old boy, incestuous, and corrupt. However, Tony and I have been good friends since 1983 when I published one of his early chapbooks entitled OUTLAW BLUES. But Outlaw in his work predates the early eighties because of his abiding interest in rockabilly, Delta Blues, Sun Records Country, and Hank Williams. Tony brought pop music culture to the poetry table when most everyone else was too cultured, too sophisticated to care. —Todd Moore

Outlaw Blues

This passage from Outlaw Blues probably best exemplifies what Tony Moffeit is all about.

…tonight i sing a blues song for the outlaws the renegades the desperados who drift under endless skies america your clouds are my songs your rain is my voice your hail is my blues.

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Voodo Snake WomanBlues

ask yourself why and know why
it’s all in the snake woman’s
moves all you gotta do is
feel the blues all you gotta
do is take your time all you
gotta do is dance alone
make your own voodoo
slide in rhythm with the night
shadowdance in the darkness
the torch singing blackness
listen for the solo of the
train whistle’s whine
in the middle of the night
listen for the moans of
dogs mixing with the night’s
sirens and watch her dance
full of doghowls and red
lights the whiplash of her
snakedance flames licking
the dancefloor with her
hexdance wild heart jumping
pumping the darkness as
her dance chants with the
crickets and locusts and
bullfrogs torches the
sawdust with her ramshackle
rhythms in a finger-snap
she gives sight to the
mirrors which are blind
bright moments listen for
the incantations of her
spirit something falling
down coming down going
down the slap of the cards
the tumble of the dice
the center of her surrender
caught in the night’s slide

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as long as I’ve known Tony Moffeit, I’ve also been very much aware that as well as writing poetry, Moffeit performs his poems and writes original songs as well. His influences are almost too numerous to mention but try Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, Bob Dylan and you’ll almost certainly come close. However, Moffeit is no wannabe and I think he masterfully demonstrates that with this cd. OUTLAW BLUES REVOLUTION consists of twelve very tightly written blues songs and they are all sung in the fire scorched voice of Tony Moffeit. It’s difficult to accurately describe the way he sounds. But, it reminds me of the way burnt blood would sound if it had a voice to describe what it was. Burnt blood, seared blood, scorched blood, the stuff that Lorca was puking up when that last slug hit him. The spit coming out of Hank Williams’ mouth when he died in the back seat of that caddy. This is the human voice sand papered, sliced, diced, and all scratched to hell.

If you asked me to pick out a favorite cut on this cd I couldn’t do it, though I do love “I want the bones,” “voodoo casanova,” “wanted dead or alive,” “give me the night,” “stones in my pocket.” But the energy level for the entire cd holds up all the way through. This is the kind of music that just doesn’t play itself out for you to be entertaining. It’s not wallpaper music, it’s not casual listening. This is the kind of music you can drink to in a nearly dark room. And, darkness really is the way you should listen to this music because it is all about darkness, it is all about Outlaw, it is all about driving right to the edge of the edge of america.

The key to OUTLAW BLUES REVOLUTION is that it really isn’t just about itself as a blues cd. What it is is a blues duende, a gravel on gravel sound of where america is right now. Where we all are. The shit and the glory. The railroad track deadline in Dodge City, Kansas, Pirates Alley in New Orleans where Chicken Man has conjured himself back for one more go round, lightning bolts streaking adobe walls in Taos. “The real revolution lies deeper.” This is a line from the Tough Love cut. And, this is also the essence of Outlaw.

OUTLAW BLUES REVOLUTION, like ADVENTURES IN THE GUNTRADE, like PLAIN OLD BOOGIE LONG DIVISION, like DILLINGER, is a watershed moment in the Outlaw Revolution, one of the definitions that america has been waiting for all of its badass drifter history. Rick Terlep plays his heart and guts out on Outlaw guitar. He burns down the songs. Fifteen bucks is a small price to pay for all the dark miracles on that Outlaw ride. written by Todd Moore